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In the midst of the unknown, people show up for people. Kindness outweighs the the tyranny faced in life. 


Let love prevail.

Location: Syrian - Iraqi Border

In My Father's Footsteps

Location: Amman, Jordan

Lost a Child

Produced, filmed, and edited promotional video for a Hunger themed webinar. 

Between seven women, they lost 13 children due to hunger in December 2020.

Location: Pibor, South Sudan

When the World is Heavy

Words by: Morgan Harper Nichols

A testament to the people of Iraq—the beautiful, resilient, and courageous souls I encounter each day.

Location: Iraq


Pamoja means 'together' in Kiswahili.

There are a million reasons that made last year great; here are some of my favourites.

Location: India, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania

Cornerstone Development Africa

Among the longest running youth leadership development initiatives in Africa, Cornerstone Development Africa invests in under-privileged, and high-potential young people with a emphasized focus on youth leadership development.

Learn more here

Locations: Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania

Love Sweet Love

Michael Wheeler began running in 1975. After witnessing hopefulness and fear, Michael runs to put a smile on the faces of those he encounters, longing to bring peace and joy. 

Location: Kansas City, Missouri, USA


The shortest distance between two people is a story, and with every story is an opportunity to share our desires, our failures, perseverance, and will to pursue our purpose.


Authentic stories are full of mountains and valleys, highs and lows. They derive from our failures, an essential part of the process to succeed.


Artists thrive on the notion of putting themselves on the line, open to criticism and judgment. Keeping a talent to yourself is stifling, as art is meant to be shared.

Location: Kansas City, Missouri, USA

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