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In the midst of the unknown, people show up for people. Kindness outweighs the tyranny faced in life. 


Let love prevail.

Location: Syrian - Iraqi Border

Role: Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

What Makes the World Belong

Location: Yemen

Role: Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

In My Father's Footsteps

Location: Amman, Jordan

Role: Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

Lost a Child

Produced, filmed, and edited promotional video for a Hunger themed webinar. 

Between seven women, they lost 13 children due to hunger in December 2020.

Location: Pibor, South Sudan

Role: Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

When the World is Heavy

Words by: Morgan Harper Nichols

A testament to the people of Iraq—the beautiful, resilient, and courageous souls I encounter each day.

Location: Iraq

Role: Producer, Cinematographer, Editor


Pamoja means 'together' in Kiswahili.

There are a million reasons that made 2019; here are some of my favourites.

Location: India, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania

When Bombs Stop Falling

Even after children have escaped the bombs and bullets, many are still haunted by the memories that follow them.

Location: Jordan

Role: Producer & editor

When Water Bends Bones

Location: Yemen

Role: Producer & Cinematographer

He Wanted to Help Others and He Did

Munaib is a 22-year-old who turned his dream into reality as he worked within the humanitarian field. Despite personal loss and challenges, Munaib's determination and commitment shine through, making a difference in a country torn by conflict.

Location: Yemen

Role: Director, Producer, & Cinematographer

Love Sweet Love

Michael Wheeler began running in 1975. After witnessing hopefulness and fear, Michael runs to put a smile on the faces of those he encounters, longing to bring peace and joy. 

Location: Kansas City, Missouri, USA

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